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Wat Thewarat Kunchara Worawiharn, Bangkok

Wat Thewarat Kunchara Worawiharn, Bangkok
The stunning royal monastery was constructed during the Ayutthaya period. It was originally named Wat Samorkrang which was assumingly came from Mon language meaning tough rock. The temple was constantly maintained until the King Rama IV instated it as a royal temple, naming Wat Thewarat Kunchara Worawiharn. The name was derived from the word Thewa, meaning angel, being put in front of the word Kunchara, which was the previous name of Krom Phraya Pitak Thewet who led the reparation and restoration of the temple.
Nearby, there is a pier connecting to Chao Phraya River on one side, while the other side is connected to Sri Ayutthaya road. The ordination hall is decorated with beautiful mural paintings telling the story of the deities gathering as the Buddha visited his mother in heaven. The Buddha image, named Phraputtarub Thewaratchatimakorn, is the largest golden Buddha image found in Ayutthaya. Many scholars claimed that the image came from Lopburi.
The Golden Teak museum, also located in the temple, is constructed with gold teak and a hip roof. In front of the building, there's a sculpture of Indra riding Erawan elephant, a distinctive symbol of the temple. Within the museum, there's a wax sculpture exhibition containing the 19 supreme patriarchs of the Rattanakosin Kingdom.
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