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THEWET community, Bangkok

THEWET community, Bangkok

The TEWET COMMUNITY is another longstanding community of Bangkok that is well known for its delicious cuisine. The area covers THEWET Palace and Thewawet Palace. Both old palaces were built in European style during the reign of King Rama V. The district is called THEWET after the name of palace.

THEWET was an old community where many people settled since the foundation of the city. The neighbourhood grew to have a very large community of people, creating a lot of businesses within the region. THEWET was famous for its delicious food in THEWARAT market. You can find all sorts of food and ingredients in this market stretching along the way to the CHAO PHRAYA RIVER, making it an ideal destination if you are looking for amazing local delicacies. There are also other interesting places such as THE GOLDEN TEAK MUSUEM, WAT DEVARAJ KUNCHON WORAWIHAN, where you can learn about the history and cultural background of this community. 

CR: Bangkok Focus Magazine Vol.1/2014


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