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TALAD NOI community, Bangkok


TALAD NOI community is another old Chinese community in Bangkok. The region was settled by the Chinese population moving from other areas. Some from the area around the Royal Place, and some moved from the KUDEEJEEN community. The first group of Chinese who settled here were presumed to be the Hokkien people who also built the CHO SU KONG shrine in the area. TALAD NOI had an easy access to the river, so it was a busy commercial district. SAMPENG, YAOWARAT, SONGWAD and TALAD NOI were business hubs in Bangkok. Holding an important point in the transportation and shipping of goods. TALAD NOI was well known as the location of many businesses and important commercial institutes such as the HONG KONG-Shanghai Bank, the first foreign bank in Siam; Chartered Bank; Indo-China Bank; and the first Siam Commercial Bank headquarter.

CR: Bangkok Focus Magazine Vol.1/2014


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