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Royal Thai Dockyard Museum, Bangkok

Royal Thai Dockyard Museum, Bangkok
The Royal Thai Dockyard has a long history of building steamships in the past and later on, King Rama V later allowed the dockyard to build larger ships as the Royal Thai Dockyard. The dockyard overhauled itself, and completed many ship reparation and construction projects. 
In honor of the 84th birthday of His Majesty the King Bhumibol, the Royal Thai Dockyard Museum was constructed in 2008 by officers from various segment of the Navy. The museum received the award for Arts and Architecture Preservation in 2014. The exhibitions inside include showcase of the work accomplished by the Royal Thai Dockyard along with his Majesty the king in regards to shipbuilding. The equipment used in shipbuilding are also on public display along with rare models of different types of ship. 
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