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Kalawar Church, Bangkok

Kalawar Church, Bangkok
The Kalawar Church (Holy Rosary Church) has been a long standing church throughout the Rattanakosin Kingdom. The church was constructed by the Portuguese people who fled from Ayutthaya when the city fell for the second time. The people settled around Talat Noi on the Chao Phraya riverside on the land iven to them by King Rama I. Since they didn't have a place to perform religious ceremonies, the church was constructed in 1787. The church was consistently maintained, but it was finally rebuilt after a big fire during the reign of King Rama IV.
The current church is constructed in the Neo-Gothic style using traditional masonry techniques. The front facade of the building faces west toward the Chao Phraya River. The interior of the building is filled with stained glass decorations and mural paintings depicting stories from the Holy Bible, along with portraits of various Saints. The ceiling is decorated as painted with the picture of the bright stars.
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